Who is Ratan Sah – Full Story

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Ratan sah is a farmer who brought colorful cauliflower into trend in Nepali Market. He is now a trending topic as he could bring something new to agriculture market in Nepal. He once saw colorful cauliflower in the internet when he went out to foreign country for work.

Ratan sah says, he was shocked to see this kind of cauliflower. Then he researched for the colorful cauliflower and then he found he could get he seeds from India. So he got some seeds and planted on his own to test if he could grow something like that.

He succeeded to grow something similar and now he wanted to grow his business. So he planted the vegetable in 5 kattha field. He could grew 1 kg colorful cauliflowers in his land.

He also get to know that this kind of cauliflower are easily sold in market because people love to try this new breed. He also said that the seeds are 5 time more expensive than regular cauliflower.

He could sell 200rs per kg of this unique colorful cauliflower. His farm has also gained popularity in recent days. People come there to buy and take some photos in his amazing field. We hope more farmers could adopt his technique and motivate more people for this innovative agriculture.

Author: AnmupHD