Vipassana Meditation in Nepal

Official website to enroll in Vipassana Meditation Categories For New Students For Old Students For Children/Teens For Executives Length of Vipassana Meditation Short Course To enroll in a short course, a 10-day beginner course must be completed. Short courses are: 1-Day, 3-Day, 7-Day Long Course To enroll in a long course it’s mandatory to […]

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वेदान्त दर्शन ब्रम्हाशुत्रका शुत्र

वेदान्त ब्रम्हाशुत्र चार अध्याय र स्वोर भाग ६ प्रत्येक अध्यायमा चार चार भाग छन् । पहिलो अध्यायमा सबै वेदान्त वाक्यले एक मात्र परब्रम्ह परमेश्वरको प्रतिवादन गरेकोले यसको नाम समन्वय अध्याय भनिएको छ । दोश्रो अध्यायमा सबै प्रकारका विरोधाभाषलाई निराकरण गरेकोले यसको नाम अविरोधाभास भनिएको छ । तेश्रो अध्यायमा परब्रम्हलाई प्राप्त गर्नमा ब्रम्ह विद्या साधनभुत ब्रम्हविद्या […]

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worshiping in water

Water is god ?

Water is often referred to as the “elixir of life” and is considered to be one of the most essential elements for the survival of all living beings. It is no surprise that water is also considered to be a god in many cultures and religions around the world. In this article, we will explore […]

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