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In the midst of winter’s cold embrace, Nyano Pad Nepal invites you to experience a unique blend of comfort and functionality, perfect for those chilly nights and demanding days. Imagine a world where a simple click of a metal plate envelops you in soothing warmth, fostering focus and productivity. Discover the transformative power of Nyano Pad, where being comfortably warm enhances your daily activities.

Why do I feel it is innovative?

Beyond a conventional hot water bag, Nyano Pad stands out as an innovative heating pad, available in various sizes to target pain in different body parts. What sets it apart? Effortless activation keeping it warm for 1-2 hours, anytime, anywhere. Nyano Pad provides unmatched convenience compared to traditional hot water bags, eliminating the need for immediate access to hot water.

A Solution for Every Need:

Whether battling hard joint pain or enduring monthly challenges, Nyano Pad emerges as the ultimate solution. Tailored for women, Nyano Pad introduces a heating pad designed to economically alleviate menstrual pain with the added benefit of reusability. Bid farewell to joint pain hindering daily activities – Nyano Pad’s heating pads are the go-to solution for relief.

Menstrual pain:

Are menstrual cramps causing distress? Nyano Pad’s Heating Pads provide reusable relief for both comfort and cost-effectiveness. Manufactured in Nepal, these high-quality, affordable, and durable Heat Packs redefine pain management.

Nyano Pad for All Pains:

Perfect for back and hip pain, Nyano Pad’s back warmers provide comfort and alleviate pain. Reusable and reliable, these back warmers redefine how you tackle discomfort, ensuring a lasting solution.

How to Re-Use Nyano Pad Nepal’s Heat Pack after it cools down:

Nyano Pad Nepal’s heat pack is designed for convenience and repeated use. Follow these simple steps to ensure optimal performance:


  1. Reactivating the Heat Pack:
    • If the heat pack slows down, place it in boiled water.
    • After 10 minutes, the gel inside the heat pack will convert to liquid.
    • Allow the heat pack to cool down before use.
  2. Precautions during Heating:
    • To prevent damage, use a plate between the heating pan and the heat pack when reheating.
  3. Post-Heating Procedure:
    • After the gel inside the heat pack has turned into liquid, leave it in water for 5 minutes.
  4. Immediate Use:
    • If using the heat pack immediately after Reactivating the Heat Pack (step 1), no need to press the metallic button.
  5. Activating the Metallic Button:
    • Press the metallic button only when the heat pack is cold.
  6. Usage Tip:
    • Place the heat pack inside a thin and soft cloth before use for added comfort.

Figure showing how to use the Heat Pack

nyano pad

Figure showing how to reactivate Heat Pack after cooled down.

Figure showing how to reactivate Heat Pack after cooled down.
Figure showing how to reactivate Heat Pack after cooled down.
Figure showing how to reactivate Heat Pack after cooled down.
Figure showing how to use nyano pad


  1. Caution during Heating:
    • When heated, the heat pack may be damaged by excessive heat, so using a plate is crucial for protection.
  2. Cooling Time:
    • After the jell inside the heat pack converts to liquid, put the heating pack in water for 5 minutes.
  3. Protective Layer:
    • To enhance comfort and prevent direct contact, use a thin and soft cloth as a protective layer.

Follow these guidelines for a seamless experience with Nyano Pad Nepal’s Heat Pack.

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Elevate your comfort, and enhance your productivity – Nyano Pad, where warmth meets well-being.

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