Abhishek Choudhary Makes History as the First Nepali Maintainer of Apache APISIX

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In a milestone achievement, Abhishek Choudhary is now the inaugural Nepali maintainer of the esteemed Apache APISIX project. This accomplishment underscores the rising influence of Nepal’s tech talent globally. Apache APISIX, a crucial open-source API gateway, gains a dedicated Nepali maintainer in Choudhary, who will guide its evolution and represent Nepal’s prowess in the open-source community.

Apache APISIX, a top-tier open-source API gateway, plays a pivotal role in managing and securing APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) in modern software architectures. Its flexibility, scalability, and comprehensive features have made it a popular choice among developers, making Choudhary’s appointment as a maintainer all the more significant.

Choudhary’s expertise in APIs and dedication to open-source caught the project’s attention. His role involves code review and software stability assurance. This achievement opens doors for more Nepali developers and highlights the project’s inclusive global nature. Abhishek Choudhary’s feat reshapes the narrative of Nepal’s contributions to the tech world.

Here is what he said after he got the invitation.

Author: AnmupHD