Chandrayaan-III Broadcasted live: ISRO’s S. Somanath Leads Historic Moon Landing

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India’s ISRO, led by Chief S. Somanath, achieves a global milestone: Chandrayaan-III lands perfectly on the Moon at 06:04 pm IST today.

ISRO’s meticulous teamwork, under Chief S. Somanath’s guidance, showcases India’s space excellence and inspires future scientists.

Armed with advanced instruments, Chandrayaan-III promises groundbreaking insights into the Moon’s composition and evolution.

Prime Minister Narendra Damodardas Modi applauds ISRO’s achievement and Chief S. Somanath’s leadership.

Chief S. Somanath commends ISRO’s dedication, foreseeing an era of remarkable exploration and scientific progress.

Nationwide celebrations reflect unity and pride, reinforcing the message that innovation knows no boundaries.

Congratulations to ISRO, Chief S. Somanath, and India for this historic achievement that expands humanity’s cosmic horizons.

Author: AnmupHD